How St. Christopher – a man living in the 3rd century – become a patron of drivers?

He was known as a tall and ugly man from the Roman province of Lycia (Turkey today) where he died as a martyr. The catholic church remembers him on 25th of July.

One of the legends says that Christopher has served the pagan reach people and even Satan, but when he got to know the Gospel, he was baptized. Repenting of his sinful life he decided to settle down next to the Jordan River and carry pilgrims going from the east to the Holy Land on his shoulders. During one of the crossings, carrying a child on his back, in the middle of the Jordan he felt a huge weight exceeding his strength. After he reached the riverside he said to the child:

You have put me in the greatest danger. I do not think the whole world could have been as heavy on my shoulders as you were.

Then he heard the voice:

I am Jesus, your Savior. I am the one whom you serve by helping others. Carrying Me, you carry the whole world.

Then the child disappeared. That’s why he was named Christophoros, which means Christ-bearer.

Christopher became the patron of runners, sailors, travelers, pilgrims, but mostly drivers. In Poland in many parishes on 25th of July there is a special mass for drivers with the blessing of cars.

Saint Christopher, pray for us!

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